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Swetlana studied Fashion and Design after her graduation she was a tutor at the Schutschinsk Technical College before coming to Germany.
Since 1983, she has designed costumes for sophisticated women who love life’s luxuries and who are confident of their bodies and like to show it. Her fascination for foreign cultures and the ensuing ideas flow into her creations, adding a further zest to her designs that are encompassed under her own KARLOWSKAJA label.

Her costumes and gowns allow her clients a grand appearance, be it a perfectly tailored costume or the gown of their dreams. Swetlana strongly believes that colour and its effect are highly important and relevant. Hence, using her knowledge and skill each and every of her creations is individually crafted for her customers, providing them with a unique fashion experience.
The primary considerations for her are the fascination of elegant materials, elaborate workmanship as well as exquisite cuts. This forms the basis for Swetlana’s collections, featuring elegant forms, costly materials and bold colours.

During her theatre work, Swetlana learnt the skills not only to produce historical costumes but also gained insight into the functionality which is often required, highlighting not only the optical but also the practical aspects of such costumes.
Swetlana regards the corsage as a particular challenge: the corsage has the purpose of moulding an irregular body into a geometrical shape and thus enabling it to present a more feminine form. The corsage is still widely regarded and becoming increasingly more popular; it is even referenced in today's mainstream fashion. 

Her work is based on an individual and unique tailoring system which creates the cuts based on each customer's specific body measurements. Customers are offered to either have a piece tailored made and adapted from the current collection or to have a completely new bespoke design created.
The most popular requests are for wedding dresses, corsages and bodices, evening- and cocktail dresses as well as elegantly tailored costumes and suits for men as well as woman and children. 

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